Outreach and Advocacy (COA)

The COA Standing Committee

Ralph K. Foster, III, Committee Chair
Victoria B. Valentine, Staff Liaison

Scope of Work:

The Committee on Community Outreach and Advocacy (COA) is responsible for advancing the recognition of the profession; increasing the public’s awareness of the profession and the services provided; and guiding the Society and its chapters in reaching out to the public, to allied professionals, to industry members, and to the code enforcement community for the purpose of increasing the stature of fire protection engineering and fire safety engineering. This Committee also recommends and monitors positions taken by the Society on emerging technical, legislative, and regulatory issues as well as provide support for marketing and public relation’s initiatives implemented by, and on behalf of, the Society.

Committee Members:

 Kathleen Almand Mohamad Baharudin  Daniel Bak  John Barrot
 Lowell Black  Bruce Campbell  Mat Chibbaro  Marcin Cisek
 Ed Claridge  Tony Cole  Brad Cronin Matthew Daelhousen
 Nimish Deo  Gary Dominguez  Sean Donohue  Derek Duval
 Rockwood Edwards  Salvador Erivez  R Keith Fairfax  Dan Finnegan
 Brian Foster  Douglas Frey  Thomas Gardner  Thomas Goss
 Louis Guerrazzi  Mike Hennegan  Mark Hopkins  Gavin Horn
 Diana Hugue  David Jacoby  Gregory Jakubowski  Lucas Kirn
 Isaac Leventon  Stephen Mackenzie  Patrick Maguire  Shay Massey
 Alex Miear  Andrew Milliken  Luis Molinelli  Nick Moriarty
 Edward Orazine  Thomas Platt  Katie Pothier  Edward Prendergast
 Peter Reddin  Ryan Rigsbee  Brian Salyers  C. Kyle Smith
 Christian Stievenart  Jared Thibodaux   Andrew Thul  Steven Venditti
 Gennaro Vuoso  Felix Wiesner  Brandon Wilkerson  Chris Wu
 David Young      


Task Groups

Interdisciplinary Advocacy Task Group

Daniel Bak, Lead

Rockwood Edwards  Luis Molinelli  Nick Moriarty  Katie Pothier

Public Policy Task Group

Brandon Wilkerson, Lead

 John Barrot  Matthew Daelhousen  Derek Duval  Mark Hopkins
 Jared Thibodaux  Steven Venditti    

Residential Fire and Life Safety Task Group

TBD, Lead

 Lowell Black  Marcin Cisek  Nimish Deo  Louis Guerrazzi
 Mike Hennegan  Dave Young    

Student Outreach Task Group

Greg Jakubowski, Lead

 Kathleen Almand  Bruce Campbell  Marcin Cisek  Matthew Daelhousen
 Derek Duval  Keith Fairfax  Tom Goss  Mike Hennegan
 Diana Hugue  Shay Massey  Alex Miear  Andrew Milliken
 Katie Pothier  Dave Young    


Fire Service

Thomas Platt, Subcommittee Chair
Victoria B. Valentine, Staff Liaison

Scope of Work:

The Subcommittee is made up of a diverse group of SFPE members that all have an interest in the advancing cooperation and communication between the Fire Service and the Fire Protection Engineering Profession.  Working with research, trends, and hot topics, where applicable, engineering information is transferred to the fire service.  In addition, fire service tactics and strategies are conveyed to the engineering community to improve fire protection scenarios.

Committee Members:

 Mat Chibbaro  Brad Cronin  Gary Dominguez  R Keith Fairfax
 Daniel Finnegan  Douglas Frey  Gavin Horn  David Jacoby
 Gregory Jakubowski  Andrew Milliken  Edward Prendergast  Steven Venditti


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