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SFPE's Technical committees and task groups develop engineering guides, standards, and other technical initiatives of the Society. 

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SFPE Becomes Member of ANSI

At the start of 2018 SFPE became a member of ANSI. This is SFPEs first step to becoming an ANSI-accredited standards developer (ASD). Becoming an ANSI-ASD would fulfill a major strategic initiative that will assist SFPE standards becoming referenced in the building and fire codes. From SFPEs perspective, since ANSI-ASDs conduct their work in a manner that is open to public scrutiny that provides interested stakeholders with an opportunity to be heard, without dominance by any party. Currently, SFPEs application to become an ANSI-ASD is going through the ANSI review process.

Greg Baker to Chair SFPE Standing Committee on Research, Tools and Methods

The SFPE Board of Directors has appointed Greg Baker who is a Senior Fire Research Engineer with BRANZ to Chair the SFPE Standing Committee on Research, Tools and Methods (RTM). His 3-year term will start on 1 January 2018.

The New Zealand-based BRANZ is an independent and impartial research, testing, and consulting organization inspiring the building and construction industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders. 

The purpose of the RTM is to identify, develop, and oversee SFPE’s technical products and research work, review new innovations, and help to establish the research agenda for the fire safety engineering profession. The RTM is responsible for the following Subcommittees:

a)     Subcommittee for Standards Oversight

b)     Subcommittee for Codes & Standards Liaison

c)     Subcommittee for Research & Innovation

d)     Subcommittee for Handbook Development

Over the last two years, Greg served as the Chair of the Subcommittee for Research & Innovation. Over this time the subcommittee has published a roadmap that outlines the research priorities for the fire safety engineering profession. 

Subcommittee for Research & Innovation Launches Roadmap that Identifies Research Needs for the Fire Safety Engineering Profession

On Tuesday October 10 at the SFPE North America Conference and Expo in Montreal, Canada, the SFPE Subcommittee for Research and Innovation (SCRI) unveiled SFPEs research roadmap that highlights the research needs for the fire safety engineering profession. This roadmap is intended to be a living document that will be central to defining the future of SFPEs technical initiatives.  Its main focus was based on what research is needed by practicing fire safety/protection engineers. The roadmap can be found at Since this is intended to be a living document, the SCRI will always be looking for your feedback on how to improve this document. Please send comments to the SFPE Technical Director at

Subcommittee for Standards Oversight Publishes New Technical Document Procedures

The SFPE Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO) recently published two new policy statements: “SFPE Technical Document Development Procedures” and “ANSI Accredited Standards Development Procedures.” These documents will replace the “SFPE Guide and Engineering Practice Document Development Procedures (June, 2004)” and “SFPE Standards Development Procedures (Approved March, 2005, Revised April, 2008).”
The first new document “SFPE Technical Document Development Procedures” outlines procedures for the:

  • Development of Standards that are not accredited by ANSI        
  • Development of Engineering Guides (note: engineering guides are not accredited by ANSI)
  • Role of Subcommittee for Standards Oversight (SCSO)
  • Role of Technical committees that develop Standards
  • Role Task groups that produce Engineering Guides 

The second document “ANSI Accredited Standards Development Procedures” outlines the procedures for standards that will be accredited by ANSI.  Both documents can be found on the SFPE Technical Page at

SFPE Human Behavior Meets at SFPE Headquarters to Review Public Comments on the 1st Draft of the SFPE Guide to Human Behavior in Fire, 2nd Edition

On January 22-23, the SFPE Human Behavior Task Group met at SFPE Headquarters to review public comments on the 1st draft of the SFPE Guide to Human Behavior in Fire, 2nd Edition. The Task Group reviewed over 80 comments. Moving forward the draft guide will have a final ballot by the Task Group and Subcommittee for Standards Oversight.

Besides updating all the good information from the 1st edition, the new version will include information on:

a)            Incapacitating Effects of Fire Effluent & Toxicity Analysis Methods

b)            Occupant Behavioral Scenarios

c)            Movement Models and Behavioral Models

d)            Egress Model Selection, Verification, and Validation

e)            Estimation of Uncertainty and Use of Safety Factors

f)            Enhancing Human Response to Emergency Notification and Messaging

Upcoming Technical Committee/Task Group/Working Group Meetings: 

  • Wednesday, April 11, 2018 8am Eastern Time
    Subcommittee for Standards Oversight – Online
  • Tuesday, April 17, 2018 4pm Eastern Time
    Risk Task Group – Online
  • Monday, April 30, 2018 4pm Eastern Time
    RTM Subcommittee Chairs – Online
  • Tuesday, May 1, 2018 2pm Eastern Time
    Subcommittee for Codes & Standards Liaison NFPA Working Group – Online
  • Thursday, May 3, 2018 4pm Eastern Time 
    SFPE S.01 Traveling Fires Working Group – Online

Current Technical Committees & Task groups

To view a complete list of the standards and guidelines produced by these working groups, visit the SFPE Resource library.

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